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The studies using DiCalcium Phosphate or similar substance are wide in range and scope. We've provided a list of several studies and the overall effect compared to specific drugs.

    Drug   Amelior  
Study Condition/Comparison n d n d
Goldberg et al. (1981) neurotic depression/antidepressant 179 0.44 93 0.44
Kiev & Okerson (1979) depression/amoxapine and imipramine 39 0.44 22 0.42
Rickels et al. (1981) depression/Amoxapine and imipramine 75 1.86 23 1.45
van der Velde, (1981) depression/Maprotiline, imipramine 52 0.66 27 0.10
Zung (1983) depression/bupropion 57 0.88 40 0.95
Study Condition/Comparison n % n %
Clegg (2006) osteoarthritis/Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate 317 64.0 313 60.1
Davidson (2002) depression/Zoloft 109 24.8 116 31.9
Davidson (2002) depression/St. John's Wort 113 23.9 116 31.9

n= number of participants, d=Effect Size, %=percentage affected

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