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How Does Amelior Work?

Improve mood, joint comfort, stress resistance, complexion and more. How can one pill do all this?

Numerous studies have shown that taking DiCalcium Phosphate under doctor's supervision results in profound improvements in mood (ridding patients of symptoms of depression or high stress) and joint comfort and reduced general pain from headache by triggering the region in the brain associated with serotonin receptivity.

In the above representation of the serotonin system, a normal set of sending and receiving nerves are shown with normal stimulation of the serotonin receptors. When depression, stress, or other conditions affect the transmission of serotonin, the system fails. Amelior naturally opens up the sender nerve cell and stimulates the receptor nerve cell allowing the system to operate normally.

Research has consistently shown that DiCalcium Phosphate, taken with frequency under supervision, stimulates the neurochemical systems in patients' bodies, creating numerous beneficial effects. Amelior, an all-natural nutraceutical supplement, enables the healing processes in the body to work and work more effectively, helping patients reclaim ideal health.


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